HighMag turns 1!!

Happy Birthday to HighMag!

Today marks HighMag's first birthday, and I'm beyond thrilled. I want to thank the amazing researchers who have allowed me to share their fabulous images with you. I also want to thank the many journals who have given me permission to use the images appearing on their pages. And, finally, I want to thank HighMag's readers. HighMag started out with one reader (thank you to my husband!), but now boasts many readers and attention from sites such as The Node, EuroStemCell, and ResearchBlogging.

Here are some HighMag stats:
# of images featured - 100 (a wonderful, rounded number!)
# of authors refusing permission - 0
# of HighMag visits - 7,350
# of countries with HighMag visitors - 30 (US, UK, and France are top 3)

On a personal note, since I've been writing HighMag, we've moved across the country to our new home, my husband finished his PhD in Accounting and started a faculty position (no postdoc required...what an idea!), and my daughter has gone from being a little baby to a running, dancing toddler. HighMag has allowed me to geek out over biology, stay current with research, and get in touch with some of the top biologists in the world. All this while being a new parent and navigating a new career path in science writing. I know many of us are in (or have been in) tricky parts of our lives where balance seems a lofty goal, so I thank you for sharing this experience with me.

If you'd like to help HighMag celebrate, consider contributing your best image! As always, suggestions on making the blog better are always welcome. Email me at highmagblog@gmail.com.

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