HighMag is on summer break!

Hi folks!

HighMag is going to take a few days for a summer break. This will give me an opportunity to reflect on the state of science and magnify my interest in cell biology, with high resolution and a low noise-to-signal ratio. Lastly, I'll put myself in proper alignment so I can properly illuminate the world of cell biology imaging. Get it?! Man, I'm funny.

In the meantime, I'll post a few odds and ends in the cell biology imaging world that should be fun to share. For now, you can sit back and enjoy one of my favorite clips of Ernie. He totally embodies the curiosity that a lot of us had as kids, and maintain today as scientists. So, if you are at the bench and sick of doing 50 minipreps just to find out that your cloning didn't work (again), maybe this will remind you of the romance that drove you to the science world in the first place.

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