Celldance at ASCB

In December, the American Society for Cell Biology held their huge annual meeting in San Francisco.  One of the more notable events during the ASCB meetings is the announcement of the Celldance winners.  The Celldance entries feature stunning microscopy images set to clever soundtracks, show a remarkable event in cell biology, or serve as public outreach in educating and exciting laypeople about biology.  

This year's winning entry is a great example of how developmental biology and cell biology can combine to provide breathtaking images and a more complete understanding of what is going on inside an embryo.  It's no shock to me that the winning entry is from a graduate student in Mark Peifer's lab at UNC-Chapel Hill, a lab down a flight of stairs from my old graduate lab.  The Peifer lab is known for awesome developmental biology, with an expertise in capturing the magic in stunning images.  Check out Stephanie Norwotarski's winning entry here.

Please check out all of the Celldance winners here.  For a compilation of Celldance greatest hits from 2009-2011, click here.

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