May 24, 2010

Phagocytosis is the process in which solid material is endocytosed in the cell. Investigators recently worked through the details of the involvement of the actin cytoskeleton, myosin, and actin-binding proteins in efficient phagocytosis. Actin-binding proteins are enriched in concentric rings at the furrow site where the phagosome eventually closes off, and image above shows the actin motors MyoK (green) and myosin II (red) at the furrow of the amoeba Dictyostelium engulfing budding yeast cells.

Reference: Régis Dieckmann, Yosuke von Heyden, Claudia Kistler, Navin Gopaldass, Stéphanie Hausherr, Scott William Crawley, Eva C. Schwarz, Ralph P. Diensthuber, Graham P. Côté, Georgios Tsiavaliaris, and Thierry Soldati. Authors’ Molecular Biology of the Cell paper can be found here.

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