I’mmmm baaaaaack!

I’mmmm baaaaaack!

It’s a new year for HighMag Blog, and it’s about time for me to get back to the wondrous world of cells.

On August 12, I welcomed my second daughter into this world and have been spending my time getting to know her. I have to admit that science has been far from my mind as I’ve tried to figure out how to take care of two little ones, but I’m starting to miss cells and their crazy worlds. Next week, I’ll begin posting images (weekly at first). I look forward to again having my 4-year old gape over my shoulder to ask about the images I’m writing about…no age is too young for a journey into the Alberts et al. cell biology bible.

As in the past, I welcome you to submit your own images for a shot at HighMag glamour. I also welcome suggestions for papers/images that you’ve recently come across that absolutely must have their day in the spotlight. Email me at highmagblog@gmail.com.

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