A personal note

This will be my last HighMag post for a while, as I await the August arrival of my second daughter.  While I love looking at beautiful images of cells and reading exciting new papers, I am currently obsessed with insane nesting projects…as if the baby will be interested in our how organized our garage is.  After Baby arrives and my sleep deprivation eases up a bit (ha!), I look forward to posting again on HighMag.

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If you need to contact me for anything, feel free to email me at highmagblog@gmail.com.  

Until I’m back in the HighMag saddle, check out these HighMag Greatest Hits I've compiled for you.  The following are links to posts that were either your favorite images and papers (lots of traffic!) or my own personal favorites.  Enjoy!





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  1. Enjoy your nesting and good luck with everything! :)